The Telepresence Competition will take place on Nov 15, 2024, the day before the conference.

The 2024  competition will focus on demonstrating telepresence capabilities on  robotic vehicles that navigate high desert terrain, in two contexts analog to lunar environments: 1) Flat Track – flat terrain with sand (analog to lunar regolith) and 2) Hill Track -hill slopes with sand and rocks.

Various prizes including a $5,000 for the winning team will be provided by the IEEE Telepresence Initiative; additional prizes expected from corporate sponsors.

The location for the competition is Peterman Hill, in Lucerne Valley, California, 90 miles from Pasadena.

Snapshot from GoogleEarth showing the Hill Track and Flat Track at Peterman HIll, California.


Telepresence Demos will be performed during the Conference .

Jury Chairs:

Robert Mueller, NASA

John Blitch (col USA (ret), former DARPA PM)